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Free Web Hosting tip?

Could you please suggest me a genuine free web host? I need your personal suggestion not the one you found using google search? I prefer: no-ads, it should support html,js,php etc. any diskspace & bandwith, no need of email, Chosen Answer: I have been using x10hosting for quite some time now and it has a [...]

Free Hosting Website?

Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a good reliable free hosting website? I have my own domain. I was using a paid hosting site but I don’t have any more money to continue it. Preferably it has good ammounts of space, bandwidth, mySQL, no advertisement, php, cpanel, ect. The best website you guys know of [...]

What’s the best bulletin board software for Yahoo Web Hosting users?

I downloaded the phpBB add-on from yahoo… but apparently yahoo doesn’t let us disable the register_globals… which is a security hazard! So what are some of you guys using as your message board on your Yahoo hosted website??? Chosen Answer: It’s sort of hard to host a phpbb sight with yahoo. Yahoo does not support [...]

How to connect MySql server to my local machine?

I just want to connect Mysql server to my local machine. I’m using third party software name is MagneticOne Store Manager for osCommerce. Its asking database user name, password and protocol (mysql-4.1…etc). My database is in server via Web host manager. I want to connect it through this software. How to do it? Thanks Chosen [...]

How to create a BZ2 backup of my database without using PhpMyAdmin?

I own a huge site and with that comes a lot of database information, rather than downloading a copy of the database in GZ format, I download it in BZ2, which means that it takes far less time to download it and if the site goes down, I can upload it to the database without [...]

How do I incorporate MySQL and PHP into my website domain?

All the queries and mysql connections work fine on my computer as localhost. What should be changed in this line: $mysqli = new mysqli(“localhost”, “root”, null, “portfolio”); if I want to connect the database to my web domain? Currently using wamp server with phpmyadmin. What steps should I take so that the queries in my [...]

How do I redirect an existing domain name to a newly created site using cPanel?

I have an existing domain that had an old site set up (out of my control), and I would like it to bring up my new site. I have a redirect set up to send all traffic to my new site through cPanel. This worked perfectly for a couple of minutes, however when I now [...]

How good hosting company hostgator?

What about advertising? After making hosting plan, does appear any unwanted adverts? Chosen Answer: When you are using premium web hosting, there will be no annoying ads displaying in your sites. Advantages of Using Hostgator 1. Almost free trial. You can try it at $.01 for the first month using the coupon code ‘EMAILHOSTING’. 2. [...]