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I need a free unlimited web hosting forever, free domain also?

I want to create a website for full version softwares which also includes downloading them. So what all i need is 1. Free domain forever I have created one at but it is only for 1 year. Can i have one for my lifetime free domain. Please give sites for creating free domains. 2. [...]

What do you think about Host Gator?

Rosa, the link you gave me takes me to host gator. Chosen Answer: I can fully recommend Hostgator Web Hosting. I have used Hostgator as my web host for over two years now and have been very very impressed with them. Firstly they’re very cheap but still give me more web hosting space and bandwidth [...]

Where can I find Web Host Reselling Reseller Package?

I want to know a web host that provides me to Resell the Reseller package with huge (or unlimited) disk space. Please help me. Note: It should have the FANTISTICO Auto instaler with Cpanel. Chosen Answer: try it has too good webhosting packages. resellers also. by: shadab_ansari2005 on: 5th June 06

When a host says they offer 1000 emails what does that mean?

If 1000 people sign up to my website, it can only hold all their emails and I can’t surpass 1000 members? Whaaat? Chosen Answer: it means you can have : etc x1000 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Check out unlimited emails only .50 per month unlimited space and bandwidth cpanel with free software – 1 click [...]

If one of my sites got Google slapped, what would happen to my other sites on the same host?

I’ve got 8 sites hosted by Hostgator on their Baby plan (unlimited domains and bandwidth). There is only one cPanel. I’ve started to put Adsense on the sites, and it got me wondering: If one of my sites got Google Slapped, would it effect all the other sites? Would they, by default, be slapped too? [...]

How do Major Corporations Register/Host Their Web Sites?

Or does anyone have a good idea as to which hosting company they use? Chosen Answer: For hosting, I recommend: Host Gator is by far the best in my opinion to start out for you. I think they are better than Yahoo! I already host 5 websites with HostGator and seriously, web site hosting and [...]

What fees are involved with starting a website?

What are the fees for starting a website? About how much per month does it cost? Who are some good hosts? Thanks! Chosen Answer: If you have it professionally designed then that will be a one-time fee. Hosting is cheap Check out only .50 per month unlimited space and bandwidth cpanel with free software [...]

With multiple domain hosting, can you host multiple websites?

My friend and I both wish to host websites with entirely different premises and whatnot, but we’re a little strapped for cash. We’ve found that iPage offers unlimited domains, unlimited space and whatnot, and at .50 a month, it’s a good price. Since it offers multiple domains, can we host two websites on the same [...]

What is the best FREE web hosting site?

I know how create html files and I want to upload them, What free web hosting sites that supports multiple file uploads and basics of a website? Chosen Answer: Same day setup, latest version of CPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited domains, and Fantastico included. It’s also free [...]