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I need a free unlimited web hosting forever, free domain also?

I want to create a website for full version softwares which also includes downloading them. So what all i need is 1. Free domain forever I have created one at but it is only for 1 year. Can i have one for my lifetime free domain. Please give sites for creating free domains. 2. [...]

Is Blip a good host for my videos if I live in the UK?

I see a lot of popular US sites use Blip for their videos. I noticed in their terms that they pay considerably less for views from outside the US. Since I live in the UK (and assume most of my viewers would be UK based) is there a similar UK based video host? Would Blip [...]

If one of my sites got Google slapped, what would happen to my other sites on the same host?

I’ve got 8 sites hosted by Hostgator on their Baby plan (unlimited domains and bandwidth). There is only one cPanel. I’ve started to put Adsense on the sites, and it got me wondering: If one of my sites got Google Slapped, would it effect all the other sites? Would they, by default, be slapped too? [...]

What are some good forums hosting sites?

I want to purchase a forums, but I want them to host it not me because I can’t afford buying lots of servers for a big community. I’m using a free one at the moment, and I’m looking to purchase one so I can get rid of the ads. What’s a great one that you [...]

How to make money web hosting via my own server?

Would it be possible to make money from a web server that I have made from an old pc (running linux). Will this server be reliable and be able to hold several web sites…. I have several pcs laying around and would like to host and make money. My internet is comcast hi speed…I do [...]

What is the best,user-friendly free blog host?

I am thinking of putting up a blog that i can avail for free. With so many blog host out there, I couldn’t figure out the best and user-friendly one which I can use for free. Also, this is mainly going to be used as a tool for me to meet some friends. Do you [...]

Where can i find… Free Web hosting sites For ragnarok Online?? :includes. Mysql.cPanel.Ect?

It needs to have Mysql…cpanel..Php… And lastly, ITS FREE! Chosen Answer: # 250 MB Disk Space # 10 GB Monthly Transfer # Free Sub-Domain # MySQL Databases # PHP Scripting Supported # No Forced Adverts or Popups Powered by the fastest free hosting servers on the web! by: Niteryder on: 22nd October 09

Where can I find a different web hosting company not using cPanel? A web hosting with new stuff.?

Is there anything else then cPanel? For the past 12 years I have gone through 5 web hosts; changed to another for a couple of reasons… Now I am trying to get to my sites hosted elsewhere, but for the past 12 years, they are still all providing cPanel with the same interface and the [...]

Free hosting with cpanel?

please give me links of free web hosting sites with Cpanel Chosen Answer: Try VlexoFree ( ). They are completely free, have all the features you could need, the staff are very friendly, and the owner is always active on the forums and open to any suggestions the members have. They offer up to [...]

Top free web hosting with good features?

i’m looking for a good free web hosting to start with.i’ve a domain and i just want hosting with php,cpanel,ftp and sufficient bandwidth. suggest some top and good ones Chosen Answer: Here are some top good free hosting sites: 1. 2. 3. 4. Hostgator – almost free for a trial period. When [...]