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How do I make a shopping cart for my site?

Needs to be: * Free, or very low cost * Easy for me to set up with my intermediate web building skills * No ads * Able to store up to 150 products Paypal seems better. Chosen Answer: Get a hosting package with DMS or CPanel X control panel. All you’ll have to do then [...]

By any chance has anyone ever purchased a domain from Godaddy?

Hi gang! Has anyone taken any products of Godaddy such as domain, web host, web builder, or so on?! Do you recommend me to have my host from there? If yes can kindly answer to the following questions please? – seems there is an option for .ca which says that I need to hold a [...]

where can I find the best free hosting with domain name and cpanel for infosite small business ?

are there any free hosting let me to to make small affiliate site to sell products just for start Chosen Answer: If you are going to sell affiliate products, you may want to consider buying a small hosting plan for your site. All of the free hosting plans require you to show their advertising on [...]

Do any web hosting service offered cpanel to manage website or build a web page?

I like to build a web page to market and sell products with drop shipping wholesale supplier. I tried many and none of them work . I have no experience in building webpage. Chosen Answer: The best web hosting company based in Singapore are,, they provided all reliable services. by: hannah [...]