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where i can gat a free web hosting service and domain name for my web.?

I am creating my own web site so i was hunting for web hosting service and domain name for free. thanks. Chosen Answer: Same day setup, latest version of CPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited domains, and Fantastico included. It’s also free They don’t have free domain names [...]

Free web hosting for small site?

I am trying to find a free host for a small site i built. I know there will be ads and everything with free, but can I get any ideas of good hosts to use? Chosen Answer: Hi there, Free web hosting usually have advertisements in free hosting accounts but In matter of fact you [...]

I want to Host My WEBSITE ?

Give me The List of FREE WEB HOSTING SITE with CPANEL Chosen Answer: i have it on good pricing and CPanel for Linux servers. by: Josh on: 2nd August 11

Where can i find Absolutely Free Web Hosting No Ads and Pop ups.?

almost of the web hosting provider has downtime experience and sometime if they are in the time of maintenance no such any email what the exactly happening in our hosting? huh!!!! Where can i find Absolutely Free Web Hosting No Ads and Pop ups.? Chosen Answer: THE BEST QUALITY FREE HOSTING PROVIDER. We offer completely [...]

Business Website Hosting?

1-What are the website hosting specifications needed for an auction based website. Currently, I have the following specs offered to be used with the website: – php, msql – cgi/perl – 3G of diskspace – 5G of bandwidth per month – Unlimited Email Accounts – Unlimited Databases – Cpanel hosting management panel Are the above [...]

I have applied for two domain names and one web hosting, can i create two websites?

Can I make one website for each domain name for both web addresses from the same web hosting service? Chosen Answer: Depends. If your webhost uses cpanel (most webhosts do) you can set addon domains IF and only if the webhost allows. They have the power to turn this feature off if they want you [...]

i want 2 know freewebhosting with cpanel, server in usa or canada?

Chosen Answer: Here’s a directory of free web hosting which includes cPanel. Only this section contains cPanel, the rest of the website doesn’t. I use this majority of the time, the best in my opinion is x10hosting. by: Hauzer on: 5th October 08

Can I have 2 different hosts for a site?

I have a blog (my own domain) but I have no access to add meta tags… is it possible to get hosting somewhere to access my sites main etc.? Chosen Answer: If you have your own domain, but you cannot access your own site through a cPanel or admin area, then y ou need to [...]

Free Hosting Website?

Hi Guys, Does anyone know of a good reliable free hosting website? I have my own domain. I was using a paid hosting site but I don’t have any more money to continue it. Preferably it has good ammounts of space, bandwidth, mySQL, no advertisement, php, cpanel, ect. The best website you guys know of [...]