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Can I have 2 different hosts for a site?

I have a blog (my own domain) but I have no access to add meta tags… is it possible to get hosting somewhere to access my sites main etc.? Chosen Answer: If you have your own domain, but you cannot access your own site through a cPanel or admin area, then y ou need to [...]

Web-Hosting/What do I need?

I have perused the answers given about web-hosting sites; however, many of the links given are now inactive. My question is this: what is your favorite, inexpensive web-hosting site? Also, I’m not sure what features I need when I’m looking at all these sites. The finished site needs to have a homepage with links to [...]

When a host says they offer 1000 emails what does that mean?

If 1000 people sign up to my website, it can only hold all their emails and I can’t surpass 1000 members? Whaaat? Chosen Answer: it means you can have : etc x1000 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Check out unlimited emails only .50 per month unlimited space and bandwidth cpanel with free software – 1 click [...]

How To Change Your Main Domain In Cpanel?

does anyone know how to change the main domain in cpanel. because i got it with everything from so should i contact them or can i change it on my own. –daneille. Chosen Answer: If you have a package that allows you to host multiple domains then you would be able to add domains [...]

How do I modify my website contents?

I had a website – – and in the contact page I wnat to change the words INTERNATINAL DISTRIBUTORS to SOLE AGENTS. How can I do this with the following conditions: – I am web design illiterate. – I do not want to go to my web hosting company (unless I have to). – [...]

how do I change a domain from one host to another?

I have a domain hosted on a CPanel server. On this server I have yet 7 “addon” domains I can use. I have another domain hosted on another, different, CPanel server. What I want to do is host the second domain on the same server as the first’s. How, where and what DNS changes and [...]

How can I find out who my Network Provider is?

I tried signing in to my Cpanel and it says your network provider isn’t connecting to the database. Contact your network provider for more details. Is it the same as an Internet Provider. I think it got hacked because I had over 19,000 returned emails of someone emailing from my Gamma (Cpanel) to join a [...]

I purchased a domain and is hosting a website. Where do I get pictures and movie?

Also, I realize that I know nuts about Cpanel hosting and nothing things. What should I do? Chosen Answer: May be you can contact a web designer at website like by: Elisa M on: 19th February 08

Free cPanel Web hosting, domain names and web design services?

Free cPanel Web hosting, domain names and web design services Chosen Answer: I dont know anyone who does it for free but are stupidly cheap for hosting. If you need a simple website sorting out and happy to put a donation to my charity contact me. Chris – [...]